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Ульяновская область

К фауне пауков (Arachnida: Aranei). Новые и интересные находки из Ульяновской области

Для Ульяновской области приведен список 11 видов пауков, из которых 8 – новые для Поволжья, 2 вида – Alopecosa psammophila Buchar, 2001 и Zelotes potanini Schenkel, 1963 – впервые отмечены для европейской части России и 1 вид – Agelena orientalis C. L. Koch, 1837 – новый для фауны России.

Zoogeographical Analysis of Araneophauna of Steppous Plots of the Ulyanovsk Region with Data on Area Expansing of Several Species

Areal types are analyzed for spiders of stepped plots of the Ulyanovsk Region. Most of them belong to the Palaearctic ones (229 species). Trans-palaearctic (63 species), western-centralpalaearctic (50) and west palaearctic (40) areas are dominant. European eras are dominant among European-Siberian type, and west-central-Mediterranean dominate among the Mediterranean type.

Vegetation of the Bog Brekhovo (Ulyanovsk Region). Recommendations for Regime Security and Use

The Brechovo mire is a natural monument of the Ulyanovsk region, it is a stratigraphic standard of the Holocene period, the place where rare and medicinal plant species grow and has significant reserves of a valuable natural resource – peat. Currently, it is exposed to a number of anthropogenic factors, which causes concern for the safety of its natural complexes. The article is based on the description of trial plots (total 96 descriptions).