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малый суслик

Spatial Structure of Spermophilus Pygmaeus Pallas, 1778 Settlements Found in the Territory of the North-Western Caspian-Sea Region

Represented are the results of assessment regarding abundance rates and spatial structure of little souslik settlements situated in the territory of the North-Western Caspian-Sea Region. Investigated are the factors affecting the spatial structure of its settlements in the territory of the Ergeninsk Upland, Sarpinsk and Caspian Depressions.

Winter months’ temperature rises effect on duration of phenological phases for Spermophilus pygmaeus Pallas, 1778 populations located in Caspian depression (Astrakhan oblast)

This article provides comparison analysis between 1950–1959’s and 2000–2009’s periods for duration and schedule dates of awakening, spreading and hibernation phases for Spermophilus pygmaeus populations located in the Caspian Depression (by example of Astrakhan Oblast). We learned that within a period of maximum temperature rise in February 2000–2009’s durations of S.pygmaeus’ populations of every phonological phase have shortened and been rescheduled with earlier dates (in comparison to 1950–1959’s).