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Calophaca wolgarica

The Variability of Some Morphological Parameters Calophaca Wolgarica in the Populations of the Volgograd Region

It is shown that habitat conditions have a strong influence on the shape and vitality of the state of the individual Calophaca wolgarica. The most favorable conditions for the growth of Calophaca wolgarica in the Volgograd region are aligned sites with non-light-chestnut fairly rich soils in shrub-grass and couch-grass communities on the edges of the belts, on which there is no mowing and minimal grazing.

Dynamics of the demographic structure and variability of some morphological parameters of Calophaca wolgarica (Fabaceae) during reintroduction to the Saratov region

Preliminary results of studies on the reintroduction of Calophaca wolgarica to the territory of the Saratov region are presented. In the period from 2018 to 2020, the age structure of artificial plantings and changes in the morphological parameters of individuals within them were studied. It is shown that on the territory of the Saratov region, artificial plantings of this species are best located near the protected area “Tulip Steppe near the village of Maksyutovo”.