Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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биологическое разнообразие

Methodical Principles of the Procedure of Entering and Deleting Biological Species in the Third Edition of the Red Data Book of the Saratov Region

Basic principles underlying the methodology of the procedure of entering and deleting biological species in regional Red Data Books are shown. With Natrix tessellate as an example, an algorithm is demonstrated to exclude a species from the list of rare and endangered animals needing special protection measures. As a result of our longterm field studies of the N. tessellata populations, a positive trend in the abundance change in its population and in the spectrum of biotopical correspondence and geographical distribution within the Saratov region has been established.

Protected Vascular Plants of the Nature Sanctuary «Burkinsky the Wood»

Results of research of flora of a nature sanctuary are given in this article «the Burkinsky wood». 31 types of the protected vascular plants included in the Red book of the Saratov region are revealed. The taksonomichesky, biomorphological and ekologo-tsenotichesky analysis of rare species is carried out. Paths of use of types of a nature sanctuary are defined.