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Picea abies

Assessment of Tree Plantations in Residentialrecreational Area Sterlitamak Industrial Center

The investigated stands of Betula pendula, Populus balsamifera, Tilia cordata, Larix sukaczewii, Picea abies. Karst in residential-recreational area of Sterlitamak industrial center. When collecting and processing factual material used generally accepted methods of studying of forest stands. Instrumental produced (diameter, height, age) and visual indication (the density of the crown, the degree of damage to leaves, dead branches) of diagnostic parameters. An estimation of the relative vitality of trees.

Influence of Amanita muscaria (class Agaricomycetes, fam. Amanitaceae) and Flammulina velutipes (class Agaricomycetes, fam. Physalacriaceae) on the growth and development of seedlings of Picea abies (class Pinophyta, fam. Pinaceae) and Abies sibirica (cla

The article presents studies of the influence of Amanita muscaria and Flammulina velutipes on the growth and development of seedlings of species of the Pinaceae family. The positive effect of mycorrhization by these fungi species on the growth and development of Picea abies and Abies sibirica was established. Thus, the presence of Flammulina velutipes and Amanita muscaria in the substrate accelerated the appearance of the first shoots by 4–8 days. Mycorrhization of Amanita muscaria influenced the morphometry of the seedlings of Picea abies and Abies sibirica.