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Potentiometric Sensors for Determination of Cefepime in Water and Biological Environments

Potentiometric cefepime sensors based on an organic ion-exchanger such as cefepime with tetraphenylborate are developed. The optimum membrane composition is established. The surface and volume properties of membranes are investigated. The constant of dissociation of the ion-exchanger in a membrane phase is calculated by stationary resistance. Potentiometric determination of cefepime in water and biological environments is present.

The Solid-state and Planar Sensors for the Determination of Cefotaxime in Aqueous and Biological Fluids

Cefotaxime is a cefalosporin antibiotic possessing a high efficiency at curing severe bacterial infections. For the determination of cephalosporin antibiotics in different objects, spectroscopic, chromatographic, electrochemical methods, immunoassay, etc. are used, which demand for expensive devices and organic solvents. Potentiometric sensors let one expressively detect cefalosporin antibiotics in small samples without previous sample preparation.