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Current State of «Elizavetinskie Mountan Steppes»: Results of 45-years Investigation (Sverdlovsk Oblast)

Current state of the relict fragment of steppe vegetation in boreal zone was studied. At the same time the changes that have been happening during the last 45 years were revealed. Species composition stability and area reduction of the studied fragment as a consequence of Pinus sylvestris expansion were shown.

Aspects’ Change of Vegetation in Khvalynsky National Park and its Preservation Zone

In article features of aspects’ change of National park’s Khvalynsky (Saratov region) vegetable communities are revealed by V. V. Alyokhin’s method of sequential descriptions. Five vegetable associations: 1) Stipeta pennatae –Bromopsisosa riparia – Pluriherbosa, 2) Stipeta capillatae – Festucosa valessiaca – Herbosa; 3) Stipeta pennatae – Festucosa valessiaca – Herbosa on sand; 4) Acer platanoides + Tilia cordata – Convallaria majalis; 5) Acer platanoides + Tilia cordata – Aegopodium podagraria are observed.