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Definition of Arginine in the Mixed Solutions Monoaminooksidasy ?-aminoacids

The state of monoaminooksidasy arginine and ?-amino acids in aqueous media. Built chart the distribution of ionized forms of arginine and valine at varying pH. Pakistan the possibility of Express electoral pH titrations of arginine in mixed solutions monoaminooksidasy ?-amino acids. The interval defined concentrations of 46,3–217,8 mg . Error does not exceed 5.5%.

Chemometric Method of PLS in the Treatment of Titrimetric Data when Opredeleniye of Arginine and Lysine in Mixed Solutions

Arginine and lysine are the most important ?-amino acids that are part of many proteins, which play an important role in the processes of nitrogen metabolism, growth and restoration of body tissues. It is used in medical nutrition in the postoperative recovery period, as well as as diagnostic factors. The simple express methods of separately determining the main ?-amino acids of arginine and lysine in their mixed solutions are in demand.