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Acid extraction of radionuclides from soil samples using autoclave decomposition

The specifi cs of the nuclear tests carried out on the territory of the former Semipalatinsk test site (STS) led to the emergence of various sites that diff er in levels of radioactive contamination and radionuclide composition. This also led to a signifi cant diff erence in the solubility of radioactive particles.

Pre-Concentration and Extraction of Samarium Isotopes by Precipitation of Slightly Soluble Hydroxides and Fluorides of Metals

The comparison and assessment of the efficiency of using the precipitation of sparingly soluble metal hydroxides and fluorides for the extraction and pre-concentration of samarium isotopes from the solution simulating acidic leachate of the soil were made. It was shown that the precipitation of samarium isotopes was achieved quantitatively at the pH of about 7 and the co-precipitation of alkaline and alkaline earth elements did not exceed 20%.