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Importance of the Saratov Region Red Book for the Preservation of Biological Diversity

The article discusses the importance of the Red Book for the preservation of biological diversity of rare and endangered species in the Saratov region. It is noted that at the present time 578 species of plants, fungi and animals are critically endangered.

Methodical Bases Preparation of the Third Edition Red Book of the Saratov Region

Procedure of formation of the list of rare and endangered species of plants, mushrooms and animals of the Saratov region for their entering in the third edition of the regional Red Book are shown. Categories of protection of rare species are offered and methodical recommendations about science-based definition of their nature protection status are stated. The structure of specific outlines and content of their illustrative material are given.

Status and Species Diversity of Community Landscape of the Central Part of the City of Saratov

We would like to provide results of examination of community landscape at four landmarks located in the central part of the city of Saratov (Detskiy Park and three parkways: at Rakhova street, Astrakhanskaya street and Kosmonavtov embankment). The list of diverse species of trees and shrubs includes 58 species from 38 geni and 20 families. We have found out that species diversity of general purpose community landscapes increases gradually. We have studied biometric parameters of the trees (height, trunk diameter, crown diameter) and their life status.