Saratov right bank

Abundance Dynamics of European Badger (Meles meles L.) in the Saratov River Bank for 2011–2018

European badger Meles meles (Linnaeus, 1758) – is the largest representative of the marten family in the European part of Russia. The eastern part of the range of the European subspecies M. meles meles, which was the study area, is confined to the Saratov Right Bank. The site is characterized by a variety of biotopic, orographic and anthropogenic conditions that affect the number of badgers, their spatial distribution over the territory and population structure. The article analyzes the number of European badgers that live on the territory of the Saratov Right Bank.

Geoinformation Models of the Spatial Distribution of the Meles meles L., 1758 within Saratov Right Bank

Geoinformation models of species distribution are increasingly used in population ecology. The article describes the creation of a geoinformation model of the spatial distribution of the badger within the Saratov right bank. The research tasks included the selection of parameters according to the criteria for the suitability of European badger habitats. ArcGis is used to build the model. This method allowed to identify 211 potentially suitable habitats of the badger. The result of the study is a map of possible habitats of the European badger