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plant communities

The ecological and coenotic features of plant communities containing Colchicum bulbocodium subsp. versicolor (Colchicaceae) in the Lower Volga region

The article presents a phytocoenotic description of 23 plant communities with Colchicum bulbocodium subsp. versicolor studied during the period of mass fl owering in 2014–2018. It was found that, across the Lower Volga region, the studied communities with C. bulbocodium subsp. versicolor are mostly confi ned to the slopes of south- and east-facing arroyos and more seldom to the southern and northern hill slopes, plains, arroyo and liman bases, and fl oodmeadows. During the period of mass fl owering, 207 vascular plants were detected in the studied communities.

Analysis of Vegetation Beams Northern Hills Ergeninskoy within the Republic of Kalmykia

The composition of plant communities in the northern part of the beams Ergeninskoy hill, growing conditions which caused sharply arid Republic of Kalmykia. Species dominating seasons of the year, their productivity and the value of livestock. The analysis of vegetation and the three beams Maloderbetovsky Sarpinsky administrative districts.

Invasive Species of Plants in the Syzranka River Basin

The article presents results of a study of invasive plants on the territory of the Syzranka river basin: found 40 species of invasive plants, widespread and naturalized in varying degrees. Among them 5 species-«transformers», 5 alien species, naturalization semi-natural mastered the community, 18 kinds of dispersing and naturalized by disturbed habitats and 13 potentially invasive species.

Ecological features of plant communities containing Globularia bisnagarica L. in the Middle and Lower Volga Region

The present article investigates the plant communities of the Middle and Lower Volga region that contain Globularia bisnagarica L. (G. punctate Lapeyr., G. willkommii Nylan) – the species listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Stavropol Krai, the Orenburg, Samara, Saratov and Ulyanovsk Province, and Kazakhstan.

Ecological and cenotic characteristics of Colchicum laetum (Colchicaceae) habitats in the Volgograd region

During the flowering period of Colchicum laetum Stephen (September 16–19, 2020), seven habitats were studied in the Volgograd region. C. laetum occurs on small (0.006–4 ha) unploughed areas of the steppes adjacent to gullies. In the community, 28 species of vascular plants were recorded, including C. laetum, only 10 species vegetated (from 2 to 7 in the community): Artemisia austriaca Jacq., A. santonicum L., Bassia prostrata (L.) Beck, Cynanchum acutum L., Dianthus polymorphus M. Bieb., Euphorbia seguieriana Neck., E.