Increase of Activity Industrial Catalys for Isomerisation Normal Hydrocarbons

Was done the studie of activity zeolite-containing catalyst Cr2О3 +Bi2О3 /ZSM-5 and technical catalyst SI-2, also they combained action in process of conversion of n-hexane at lay-by-layers download. In the process of conversion n-hexane on Cr2О3 +Bi2О3 /ZSM-5 catalyst prevails reaction of cracking and destroy of n-hexane to two symmetric molecule of propane (51,4%). Lay-by-layers download of Cr2О3 +Bi2О3 /ZSM-5 and SI-2 catalysts with high conversion nhexane to achieve a lot of contents iso-hydrocarbons in products of conversion with 200 oC.

Thermodynamic Analysis of Transformation Isomerization Reaction of n-Hexane on Zeolite Systems ZSM-5, Cr-Bi-ZSM-5

A comparative analysis of dependencies isomerization reaction, and the formation reaction of isobutane, isopentane in the temperature range from 573 to 673 K at the high-silicon ZSM-5 system and the same system modified with oxides of bismuth, and chromium.