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Heterogeneity of Bodies Wheat under the Maintenance of Pigments Photosynthesis

Data by definition of the maintenance of pigments of photosynthesis (a chlorophyll and carotenoid) in leaves and top междоузлии a stalk of summer soft wheat at the moment of flowering are cited. Distinction by quantity of pigments in different zones of a plate top leaf at investigated grades is established: a chlorophyll – 0,72–5,1; carotenoid – 0,37– 1,3 mg/g of fresh weight. Increase of the maintenance of pigments from bottom to the top zone of a vagina top leaf and междоузлия is revealed.

Special features of fruiting in some Clematis L. cultivars from the collection of the Nikita Botanical Gardens

The article presents the results of studying the fruiting in 9 clematis cultivars under the conditions of the southern coast of Crimea. Morphometric characteristics of seeds, their weight and germination capacity are given. Potential and real seed production was assessed. It was found that the studied cultivars are characterized with high potential seed production, on average from 38.1 to 116.9 ovules per fruit, but relatively low real seed production, on average from 1.3 to 8.3 seeds per fruit.