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cardiovascular system

Indexes of Cardio-Vascular System Influenced by Cold Temperature

There were represented that diversified changes  of the cardio­ vascular system's indexes are resulted from human adaptation to the temperature is much down and to the hard local cold temperature effect. People who have adaptation to the work in the cold accommo­ dations have no changes in heart pulse and in arterial pressure dur­ ing the short-term cooling of an arm.

Science is the highest pilotage of intuition at the junction of art and logic: dedicated to the memory of Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Anischenko Tatiana Grigorievna

The article is dedicated to the blessed memory of Tatyana Grigorievna Anishchenko, Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor, who used to hold the position of head of the Department of Human and Animal Physiology of the Biological Faculty of the Saratov State University from 1995 to 2015. This is a look back at the memories of some of her students and a message for new generations about great prospects in obtaining a golden ticket to life and the wonderful world of science.