Diagnostics of Seed Reproduction Mode in Some Species Calamagrostis Adans. from Flora of Peninsula Kamchatska

The mode of seed reproduction in four species Calamagrostis of peninsula Kamchatka (Russia) flora has been examined (C. langsdorffii (Link) Trin., C. lapponica Wahl., C. neglecta (Ehrh.) Gaertn., C. sesquiflora Trin.). In C. lapponica and C. neglecta studied plants are characterized by highly degree of pollen sterility (61,2 and 24,8% respectively) and significant variation of pollen grains size (CV = 17,4 and 18,7%), which is typical for apomictic forms. The embryological particulars specific to apomictic plants were found in the analysis of female generative sphere too.

Species Composition of Beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera) Border Area «Wate – Land» of Medveditsa River Lysogorsky District (Saratov Area)

The article contains the results of the coastal beetles research (Medveditsa river Lysogorsky district Saratov region). There is also a brief description of the investigated biotope. List of 19 faunal species of beetles, that contains 9 species and one family, which are specified as new to the fauna of the Saratov Area, is presented. The representatives of investigated set of beetles are divided into ecological groups.

To the Question of the Suitability of Soils Territory the Educational Centre «Botanical Garden» of Saratov State University for Growing Hybrid Gladiolus

The hybrid gladiolus occupies one of the leading places among the huge number of perennial plants thanks to its decorative qualities and the timing of flowering. In order to select a site for the cultivation of gladiolus it is necessary to consider its requirements for agrochemical soil condition. The analysis was made of the soil territory the Educational Centre «Botanical Garden» of Saratov State University, which is used for the cultivation of corms gladioli. Necessary measure agrochemicals have been considered, in order to successfully cultivate gladioli in a botanical garden. 

Water Buttercups in Herbarium of Saratov State University (SARAT, SARP)

Labels of specimens of genus Batrachium in Herbarium of Saratov State University (SARAT, SARP) are given. Comments to determination of some species of this genus are given.

Formation of Elements of Efficiency of the Spike Spring Soft Wheat

Formation of elements efficiency of an spike wheat of different cultivar is analysed. It is offered to use for an estimation of potential productivity of a cultivar morphogenetic an efficiency index.

Features of Klonal Micropropogation of the Mountain Ash, Var. «Granatny»

The optimum variant of explant sterilization of mountain ash var. «Granatnaya» for introduction in culture in vitro has been picked up. It is shown that the nutrient medium WPM with addition of 1,0 mg/l of BAP is optimum for klonal mikropropogation, spontaneous regenerant rooting being found only on nutrient media without hormones. It has been established that the optimum variant of the nutrient medium at the stage of rooting is 1/2WPM with addition of 1,0 mg/l of NАА. Steadily propagating culture has been obtained and regular development of regenerants has been reached.

Steller Sea Lion (Eumetopias Jubatus Shreder 1776) Female Mating Behavior on Kozlova Cape Rookery (Kamchatka Peninsula)

Cause-effect relationship has been identified for each of the observed mating event. There are a numbers of behavioral phases that occurring before and after a mating process. The most important factor that initializes precopulation behavior for males is an active aggressive behavior of females, indicating the behavioral manifestations of estrus. It was estimated that a high level of activity of females on a rookery after mating can cause other mating with another males.

Protected Vascular Plants of the Nature Sanctuary «Burkinsky the Wood»

Results of research of flora of a nature sanctuary are given in this article «the Burkinsky wood». 31 types of the protected vascular plants included in the Red book of the Saratov region are revealed. The taksonomichesky, biomorphological and ekologo-tsenotichesky analysis of rare species is carried out. Paths of use of types of a nature sanctuary are defined.

Biological Properties of Bacteria-assiociants (Myzus cerasi F., 1775) (Insecta: Homoptera, Aphididae)Biological Properties of Bacteria-assiociants (Myzus cerasi F., 1775) (Insecta: Homoptera, Aphididae)

The biological properties of bacteria-assiociants Myzus cerasi F. in territory of the Saratov region weree studied. 39 strains of bacteria were revealed. 66.6% of the strains were able to use glucose, 87.0% – fixed molecular nitrogen, 56.3% – had the ability to grow at 10 °C, 92.1% of the isolated cultures were alkalotolerant and grown at pH10. 

Saiga Diet (Saiga Tatarica L.) on Different Types of Pastures Caspian Lowlands

Studied the power of saiga in the Caspian lowland in June 2011. Mikrogistologichesky cuticularscatological analysis of undigested food residues revealed a specific and quantitative differences in the diet of animals on two types of pasture. Analysis of feeds and their digestibility revealed optimal habitat for the saiga.