Influence of Amanita muscaria (class Agaricomycetes, fam. Amanitaceae) and Flammulina velutipes (class Agaricomycetes, fam. Physalacriaceae) on the growth and development of seedlings of Picea abies (class Pinophyta, fam. Pinaceae) and Abies sibirica (cla

The article presents studies of the influence of Amanita muscaria and Flammulina velutipes on the growth and development of seedlings of species of the Pinaceae family. The positive effect of mycorrhization by these fungi species on the growth and development of Picea abies and Abies sibirica was established. Thus, the presence of Flammulina velutipes and Amanita muscaria in the substrate accelerated the appearance of the first shoots by 4–8 days. Mycorrhization of Amanita muscaria influenced the morphometry of the seedlings of Picea abies and Abies sibirica.

Obtaining viable Azospirillum brasilense SR80 cells encapsulated in alginate hydrogel

Significant researches aimed at the greening of agro-industrial production are focused on obtaining immobilized bacterial preparations with preserved proliferative function and metabolic activity. Herein, we investigated the possibility of bacteria of the genus Azospirillum to be immobilized in Ca-alginate beads. A. brasilense SR80 cells, encapsulated in an alginate hydrogel, were obtained using the “soft” immobilization method based on physical binding.

Complex Assessment of the Viability and Decorativeness of Species of the Genus Crataegus L. in the Kola North Conditions

The paper presents the results of a comprehensive assessment of the viability and decorativeness of 20 samples of 17 taxa of the genus Crataegus L. when introduced into the Kola North. The study is one of the stages of a systematic description of the adaptive state of plants of the genus Crataegus when introduced into the conditions of the Far North. The main part of the studied samples are highly decorative quite viable plants that have high winter hardiness, maintain their growth shape, are able to produce germinating seeds, and have attractive inflorescences and fruits. C.