Morphological Characteristics of the Main Bud of the Embrio the Grains of Winter Rye

The paper presents the results of a study of the morphology of the cone of growth and primordium of leaves of the main bud of the embryo grain of winter rye of some varieties from different breeding centers in Russia. The length of the cone of growth reached in the investigated varieties of rye from 51 to 89 μm. Some varieties of rye in the cone of growth of the embryonic shoot of the embryo grains indicated the embedding of the 4th phytomere in the form of a leaf rudiment.

Anatomical Structure of Seed which Belong to Iris L. Species of Saratov Flora

In the Saratov region all species of Iris are listed in the regional Red Book, with this connection, to preserve these plants, it is necessary to introduce them in an extensive researches, protection and establishing them in the literature. special interest is the study of seeds due to the direct relation with the potential possibility of generative propagation of Iris species, the article presents the results of an anatomical study of the seeds of seven species which belong to Iris L. in Saratov region flora.