равновесие жидкость–жидкость–твердое

Equilibrium Liquid–Liquid–Solid and Critical Phenomena in the Quaternary System Cesium Nitrate+Water+Pyridine+Butyric Acid with in the Range of 5 to 60°C

Phase equilibria and critical phenomena in the component mixtures of a cut of the composition tetrahedron of the quaternary system cesium nitrate + water + pyridine + butyric acid were studied in the range of 5–60°C by the visual-polythermic method. The phase equilibria in the component mixtures were studied using sections of one cut of the composition tetrahedron. The cut position was chosen in such a way as to cross all figures of the phase states with the presence of a solid phase in order to observe the phase behavior of the monotectic state figure as temperature changes.