New Data on the Caddisfly Fauna of Mordovia (Insecta: Trichoptera)

Collecting efforts on the rivers Sura and Moksha in the autono- mous Republic of Mordovia (Russia) have resulted in the detec- tion of 14 species of caddisflies, which are recorded from the Republic for the first time. To date, a total of 39 species are listed for the Republic, which is only a small fragment of the residential fauna. It is expected, that more than 200 species of caddisflies occur in the region.

Ecological Distribution and Comparison of the Faunistic Complexes of Heterocera (Lepidoptera, Heterocera) of Various Biotopes and Landscapes of Mordovia

The comparative characteristic of fauna the heterocera (Lepidoptera, Heterocera) typical biotopes and landscapes of Mordovia is carried out. The ecological structure of fauna of the studied territories is given.