Retrospective Analysis and the Current State of the Fauna of the Cyclostomes and Bone Fishes of the Saratov Region

Dynamics and current state of cyclostomes and fish fauna of Saratov region is analyzed, on the basis of modern field research, collectible information and literature data. As a result of regulation of large and small rivers of the region, a significant restructuring of their ichthyocenoses took place. The overall index of changes in the species composition of the ichthyofauna was 49%, the final list (at the end of the observations) was 42%, and the index of intrapopulation changes was 51%.

Ability of Drosophila Melanogaster from Natural Populations to Adapt to Anthropogenic Genotoxicants

The results of long-term studies of the ability of the inbred population of Drosophila melanogaster living in a vegetable store to adapt to the genotoxic effect of a half-lethal dose of benzotriazole are presented. A part of the imago was taken from the population, afterwards they were bred on a standard fodder used for the Drosophila laboratory lines, this was done every ten years from 1980 to 2010. Female and male imago were separately subjected to a single exposure to benzotriazole in a semi-lethal dose.

Studying of Sorption Methylene Blue Onto Glauconite

Sorptive properties of a natural mineral glauconite towards methylene blue were studied and a composite of both substances was obtained. Antibacterial activity of the composite has been assessed against Staphylococcus aureus FDA 209P. An enriched fraction of natural glauconite was obtained by method of magnetic separation. Surface morphology of the glauconite was examined with scanning electron microscopy. The elemental composition was investigated using energy-dispersive microanalysis and roentgen fluorimetry, the texture – using Brunauer–Emmett–Teller analysis.

Peculiarities of Modulation by Arginine-vasopressin the Regular and Non-Regular Spike Activity of the Suprahiasmtic Nucleus Neurons

The suprachiasmatic nucleus generating biological circadian rhythms in mammals and humans, contains a high proportion of neurons, producing arginine-vasopressin. In in vitro experiments on hypothalamic slices of rats, the comparative analysis of the effect of 20 nM argininevasopressin on the spike activity parameters of neurons with regular (n =23) and irregular (n=28) activity in the suprachiasmatic nucleus was performed.

The Use of Malaise Trap for the Study of the Beetles Fauna (Insecta: Coleoptera) in the Territory of National Park «Khvalynsky» Saratov Province

In the article results of use of Malaise trap for the study of the beetles local fauna (Insecta: Coleoptera) in the territory of National Park «Khvalynsky» is given. Compiled a list of 95 species from 32 families Coleoptera. Antherophagus pallens (Linnaeus, 1758) and Saperda octopunctata (Scopoli, 1772) are recorded for Saratov region in first time.

Laser-induced Vasomotor Responses on Chorioallantoic Membrane

The strength and the specific featu res of the vasomotor responses provide important information about the healthy state of the blood vessel, since it s contraction or dilation is caused by the activation or relaxation of vascular smooth muscle cells of the vascular wall and appears to be a universal response to the a number of physiological regulatory pathways, including humoral and neurogenic ones.

Translocation of Copper, Zinc, Iron and Manganese in the Cultivated Oat (Avena sativa L., 1753)

Due to rising anthropogenic pressure, heavy metal pollution of the environment becomes the significant danger. This study is devoted to the investigation of Cu, Zn, Fe and Mn concentration in the oat and two types of soil, model polluted by metal sulfates. The method of atomic absorption spectroscopy was used. Cu concentration in mineral soil was much higher than Zn. When Cu and Zn were combined, also Fe and Mn, pairwise antagonism in mineral soil and in the oat was discovered. The oat accumulates Cu and Mn more actively than Zn and Fe.

Special Features of Flowering in Some Clematis L. Species and Forms from Nikita Botanical Gardens Collection

In the studies of ornamental plants seasonal development, flowering rhythms are exceptionally important, since the main criteria for the ornamental value of plants used for landscaping, are the time and duration of their flowering. The aim of the present work was to identify special features of flowering in some Clematis L. species and forms from Nikita Botanical Gardens collection. The objects of this study were 16 taxa. The methodology was based on the principles of introductory studies. Phenological and mathematical methods were applied.

Rhizosphere Microorganisms’ Collection of IBPPM RAS: Revision of Azospirillum Strains Based on 16S rRNA Gene Sequence Analysis

The IBPPM Collection maintains unique pool of bacterial strains related to Azospirillum genus, notable for its biotechnological potential. Progressively developing systematics of this genus requires checking and clarifying the taxonomic position for long-term stored isolates in the collection. Consequently, the species membership was confirmed or defined in the tested Azospirillum strains using a comparative analysis of their full-length 16S rRNA genes combined with morphological, cultural, physiological and biochemical properties, as well as DNA-DNA hybridization data.

Effect of N,O,S-contaning Heterocyclic Compounds on Growth of Root System of Triticum aestivum L.

Conducted biological testing of synthetic heterocyclic compounds: 2-benzoylmethyl-3-benzoyl-2-phenylaziridine, 2-benzoyl-3, 5-diphenyl-4-chlorofuran and 2-amino-4(1,3-diphenyl-2-chloropropene-1-one-3-yl)-5-phenyl-1,3-thiazole. The investigated compounds are members of three series of heterocyclic compounds and obtained at the Department of Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry National Research Saratov State University. The concentration of substances established by the molecular weight, in the three specific to physiologically active substances acting doses: 10-6 М, 10-9 М, 10-12 М.